Broodfonds: alternative disability insurance


Now I’m part the Broodfonds XL!

Power to the people! ”Broodfonds” is a responsible and affordable alternative to mainstream Disability Insurance for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Broodfonds (Bread Fund) operates the following way: each participant of a Broodfonds has it’s own Broodfonds bank account, on which his monthly fee is paid. If one’s income is lost due to illness or disability, the participants all give a small amount which together is enough for him to pay the bills, until he gets better (max. of 2 years).  The surmount on the bank account can be transfered to a savings account, so at the same time

68% of freelancers and entrepreneurs are not insured against disability in The Netherlands. The reason is that these insurances are very expensive, also because the fee depends on age, profession…etc. Besides you are never sure if you get (fully) paid once you get disabled and it can take a long time before they do. You also don’t know how these insurance companies invest your money. They might lose it all.

Interested to know more about the Broodfonds, check these links: (dutch)

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