Parent participation nursery ‘De Krakeling”

My daughter Anna goes to a parent participation nursery. Which means I am part of the nursery.

De Krakeling runs on the principle of parent participation. Parental involvement means that I and the parents share the responsibility for the care of our children (and of other parents), the policy and the organisation of the nursery.

We don’t have any paid workers. The care of the children is done by about 20 parents, often with the help of volunteers and / or interns.

In my case it I ‘work’ half a day and Anna can go there 2,5 days.

Maybe it takes more time and energy than using a ‘normal’ nursery. But at least I am really involved in the education of Anna. Besides I have a network of parents around me, with whom I can exchange ideas.

Soon I will redesign the website of De Krakeling. As you can see it really needs an update! ;-)

If you want to know more about it, feel free to contact me!

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